Thursday, April 29, 2010

This PAC was formed by a democratic strategist

Thanks for the heads up. This organization, Patriot Majority PAC, is only a trojan horse trying to appear like a centrist patriotic group in their naming. This PAC was formed by a democratic strategist and has much backing from left-leaning unions. I feel it is an insult to America that one could insinuate the patriotism of 1776 when any reader of history knows that the founding fathers loathed big government and the power necessary to create and maintain such. Those same founding fathers applauded a free market with very little government intervention. The bill that was rejected was not trying to regulate Wall Street, it was trying to control Wall Street. I'm all for frauds and cheats to be held responsible for their actions, but those same persons trying to pass the bill accepted a lot of money from them over the years and abetted their actions in 2007. Now they're just grandstanding for political purposes. Any one of them in their tongue-lashing antics they gave Goldman Sacs today could easily just be speaking to a mirror.

God bless Texas - God bless America!
Lew Bean
The 9-12 ProjectLake Jackson, Texas

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