Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why won’t people wake up?

I read this twice, we should never, ever, support this finance bill. Why won’t people wake up? The government is trying to do away with free market; what do we need to do to make people understand that. Follow the constitution that is all we all need to do.

God be with us.
Martha Staggs

blame for the economic collapse


Placing the sole blame for the economic collapse on security exchange bank transactions is very inaccurate. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as well as the Democratic politicians who protected them (the same ones who are attacking the banks while excusing themselves) must be included in the deal. Otherwise, its nothing but a politically motivated witchhunt that doesn't get to the root of the problem: social engineering by Democrats to redistribute wealth, forcing banks to make loans to people who had no ability to pay the mortgage in the name of "social justice". Republicans are not indictable for opposing such a move. They're to be applauded.

Michael J. Fell
A true grassroots Tea Party Patriot (not Patriot Majority astroturf)

He's kidding right?

He's kidding right? Is he diluted or just plain on drugs? OMG. What a joke. Thanks for sharing
this with me. I may use it in my next Tea Party if it's okay with you. We don't know what we're
protesting and why? How about a damn Constitution that is a Republic for which it guarranteed?

I love it when these idiots who proclaim their outrageousness and swear they took the oath, I
wonder which oath they're talking about? The communist manifesto doesn't cut it here. Not before,
not now, NOT EVER. Wheh. I guess I should not have read his first letter. haha

Sincerely,Rosemary Welch
Long Beach Patriots
Rosemary's Thoughts-main blog

by their issues...

Hey, Alexander!
I just wanted to let you know that even though this group sounds like they are a patriot group - they are not one of the Tea Party/9-12 Groups. If you look at their website, they are the enemy - trying to make it sound like they are with us by their name - but by their issues - they aren't. This article is a perfect example:
Let me know what you think....

In Defense of Liberty,

This PAC was formed by a democratic strategist

Thanks for the heads up. This organization, Patriot Majority PAC, is only a trojan horse trying to appear like a centrist patriotic group in their naming. This PAC was formed by a democratic strategist and has much backing from left-leaning unions. I feel it is an insult to America that one could insinuate the patriotism of 1776 when any reader of history knows that the founding fathers loathed big government and the power necessary to create and maintain such. Those same founding fathers applauded a free market with very little government intervention. The bill that was rejected was not trying to regulate Wall Street, it was trying to control Wall Street. I'm all for frauds and cheats to be held responsible for their actions, but those same persons trying to pass the bill accepted a lot of money from them over the years and abetted their actions in 2007. Now they're just grandstanding for political purposes. Any one of them in their tongue-lashing antics they gave Goldman Sacs today could easily just be speaking to a mirror.

God bless Texas - God bless America!
Lew Bean
The 9-12 ProjectLake Jackson, Texas

response from Alexander of York (me)

Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 6:46 PM
To: Craig Varoga <>

Varoga, you just don't get it. The gov't has too much teeth! The only thing you are sincere about is making a stronger & more powerful national government at the expense of generations of US citizens. What we need & are fighting for is a more constitutional Federal government. Consider joining US.

Oh, and by the way Varoga, It ain't over. We'll tell you when it's over!

Frank's response

Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 6:07 PM

Sir,It is quite obvious that you know nothing about the Tea Party movement, in fact it appears that the only two movements that you are familiar with are the Obama Socialist movement and your bile movement. You are too far left to begin understanding anything about the Tea Party members and their quest for a return to the Democracy guaranteed by our Constitution. You know, the Constitution that Obama , Pelosi and Reid spit on. Please don't try to judge others and their agenda because you folks on the left will never understand!!!!!Organizer, Taxpayers for Freedom

A Challenge to Tea Party Leaders Concerning Financial Reform

From: Craig Varoga <> Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 4:45 PM
Dear Tea Party Leaders: Your refusal to support a financial reform bill with teeth that stops reckless fraud and abuse proves beyond a doubt that the Tea Party is bought and paid for by the national Republican Party and is nothing more than a 2012 campaign vehicle for Sarah Palin.
Last night, Republicans voted unanimously to block an effort by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to overhaul financial regulations from reaching the Senate floor. You have failed to condemn this obstructionism by the national Republicans.
Your silence on the issue of financial reform is a betrayal of those Americans who want to fix our economy, create jobs and put the American people’s interests ahead of the big banks. Now more than ever, the United States and the American people support holding Wall Street to higher standards of fairness, transparency and accountability, so that taxpayers will never again be asked to bail out a big bank.
To those of you who are sincere about the need to make our country stronger and better, we urge you to declare your independence from your Republican controllers and do what’s right for America – join Patriot Majority and the vast majority of Americans in supporting real financial reform.
Thank you.
Craig Varoga
Patriot Majority
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